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With a clear focus on technology, innovation and design, NSAuk uses the latest technologies to maximise consumer benefits with energy saving DC motors and cordless rechargeability at the forefront. Boasting 8 Quiet Mark accreditations, NSAuk are the leading brand for build quality & exceptionally quiet performance.


Product range

NSAuk produce a range of products suitable for both the home and office including Eco Fans with DC Motors, Mini Tower Fans, Column and Tower Fans and Height Adjustable Pedestal and Desk Fans.


What's new?

The new range of NSAuk fans with DC motors are ideal for use around the home and office as they feature contemporary new designs together with traditional features and styling. Our energy saving fans use less than half the energy of traditional fans, significantly cutting running costs. They are powerful and efficient and incorporate the latest in rechargeability technology meaning they are perfect for use any place, anytime offering fantastic flexibility and versatility.


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    Stock held in our warehouse is readily available for free next day delivery on orders over £150 placed before 2pm on weekdays.

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    Quality Brands

    We are proud to stock a range of premium small domestic appliances, floorcare and air treatment products – all of which can be accessed at the touch of a button.


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    Whether you decide to contact us by phone or email, our friendly sales team aim to respond to all queries and place orders within 24 hours.