Entertain at Home this Christmas with Solis

As a traditional Swiss family-owned company, SOLIS put an emphasis on premium and high-quality small kitchen appliances. What’s more, they know that cooking should be a fun, shared experience and that it’s becoming increasingly important to integrate this in to our daily lives.

As we edge closer to Christmas and calendars start to fill with various social events – it’s inevitable many of us will have at least one turn to host family and friends over the festive period. The days of one person cooking alone in the kitchen are gone as we are now more than ever a nation of sharers and want to create an exciting atmosphere with food at the centre.


The SOLIS 5-in-1 Table Grill is the ultimate dining-table showcase and the perfect centrepiece for dinner parties this winter and the seasons ahead. The table grill can host up to eight people and allows you and your guests to be culinary masters creating everything from savoury grilled dishes to sweet crepes, and raclette or exotic dishes created in the mini-wok. Not only is the 5-in-1 super versatile and suitable for so many food preferences, the cool zone is the ideal area to place hot pans during breaks in the meal; and when you’re ready to start cooking again you’ll be certain the plates are at their optimum temperature when the light indicator turns green.

Designed with both form and function in mind, SOLIS have engineered the table grill using the finest-quality stainless steel as well as developing the large grill plate which can be used on each side. Half of the grill plate is grooved which is great for cooking meat and vegetables one side; whilst the flat half can be used for cooking dishes in the mini-wok or making crêpes with the adjustable heating from beneath allowing you and your guests to cook multiple types of food simultaneously.