Claro Swiss Filter


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Fresh coffee starts with cleaner water.Scale build up can affect taste, performance and eventually, the life of an espresso machine. The Claro Swiss water filter significantly reduces scale for up to 3 months or 40L of water, and no need to use a descaler.

For use with; the Oracle™ Touch (SES990), the Oracle™ (SES980 - Batch 1750 & up), the Bambino® Plus (SES500), the Barista Pro™ (SES878), the Barista Express™ (SES875 - Batch 1735 & up), the Barista Touch™ (SES880), the Dual Boiler™ (BES920 - Batch 1749 & up), the Duo-Temp™ Pro (BES810 - Batch 1738 & up)

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